Monitoreo Tecnológico was born in San Jose, Costa Rica by the year 2000, as the solution to the latin america´s need to monitor the electronic media with the proper technology facilitating the right reporting on a daily basis, minute by minute of all the musical and advertisement broadcast of a territory.

Given the wealth of Costa Rica´s human resources specialized in the technology area, Monitec was born in the appropriate environment for the development and trading of technological tools for acquiring, recognizing and monitoring electronic and acoustic media.

Traditionally the monitoring services for music and advertisement was mainly “hand crafted”, the costs were elevated by the amount of human resource required and the efficiency decreases dramatically thus reducing the overall reliance.

These restrictions also inhibit the possibility of include the totality of media in a geographically disperse area.

MONITEC has developed a “state of the art” digital monitoring system that is composed of HARDWARE: the Digital Brain, in charge of the acquiring and digitization of the different media sources, and also the SOFTWARE that process all that information.

Combined they are capable of monitoring any advertising campaign or musical theme in more than 60, 100, 500 or more frequencies, spanning RADIO, TELEVISION and CABLE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with great accuracy.
 All this captured information is compared with tracks or “fingerprints” of the elements that you will monitor (ads, music tracks, etc.) and you can do that real time or with an offline process.

 This technology is Web enable, so it allows the distribution of the acquiring elements throughout different geographies within the same country and then the information is sent to a central data processing facility via Internet, so this model allows the monitoring of large and disperse geographies.

 What this implies is that based on our technological development it could be achieved an exact reporting (not projected or randomized), minute by minute, second by second of a certain population, eliminating the need of doing “sample” analysis, and the data archiving will allow further scrutiny in the future with extreme accuracy.

 Our technology is a 100% applicable to mass market products, like cellular phones, computers in the recognition of sounds or images like the fingerprint detection and the use of ballistic analysis. It is also applicable to scientific and industrial usage.

Monitecs musical and advertinsing monitoring system

Monitec offers a software specially design for the recording media industry, advertising industry, communication media and collective management societies. The system is currently used in Guatemala, Panamá, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic and soon to be use in México, Argentina and Uruguay. We hope that this information has been o use for you, if you wish to have more information, please go to our web site

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